Monday, October 11, 2010

very fifties!

i hope everyone had a wonderful thanks giving weekend. i know i did, theres nothing like good food and family! thats what im thankful for! :) anyways, enough of me babling on! i realized i hadnt worn red in a long time, and its one of my favourite colours, epsecialy when it comes in opi's big apple red! i just adore this colour! and i also realized i hadnt used the polka dots from konad on my self yet! and i was very disapointed in my self, and as soon as i started, i immidately thought of like a pinup girl, which reminded me that three halloweens ago, i was a pinup girl! enjoy!

colour: OPI's big apple red
stamp: konad m79
colour: special polish in white.

i really really liked that costume that year! :) but that was way before i even knew what konad was, or that it even existed! ha ha!
to all you out there that arent celebrating thanksgiving this weekend i hope you had a lovely weekend.

polish and love!


Anonymous said...

Kool, you go girl.Sorry to hear about the guy but there are lots o fish in the sea! how about some nails themed after that!

Emma said...

thanks! :) oh i know there are alot of fish in the sea! ahaha, thats a really really good idea! :D thankyou, for officaly being my first commenter! :D please do drop by again!