Monday, October 25, 2010

black cats!

hey guys!

so i havent posted about in a week. but today is a new day, and a new manicure! so halloween is getting suuuuper close its only a week away! i thought i would try to cover as much of a halloween spectrum as i can seeing as i only have the bundle monster plates. this year im gonna have to get a little creative, but next year ill have the konad ones and ill have more to work with ! So far ive done, spiders, and bats, and now, its CATS!

the kitties got a little smeared :( but im still pretty pleased with the way they turned out. the colour is hard to photograph but its just a basic creamy grey.

colour: love and beauty's light grey. (i bought this at forever 21)
stamp: bundlemonster plate bm04
colour: konads special polish in black.

thats all for now, thanks for visiting :)

polish and love!

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