a little about me.

When i was about 5, my teacher asked me "What do you wanna be when you grow up" and i said " an artist". While everyone else in the class said " a fire fighter" "a doctor" "a princess" which is the normal response when your 5. All through elementary school up to grade 8 even though i had said artist, i never really actualy knew what i wanted to be. so when the end of grade 8 rolled around and you were choosing what highschool you were going to go to i didnt really know which one i wanted to go to at the grand age of 14, now that i look back, we were expected to make some pretty huge choices so young. Needless to say i didnt know where i would fit, because i was this weird really skinny girl with loooong hair and strange friends who didnt really do well in school and was never one of the cool kids. so i went to a highschool for kids with learning disabilitys because i couldnt go to the academic school, and my mom didnt want me going to some other schools because they were too violent. my mom thought it was best that i went to a school that if i fell behind they would do everything humanly possible to catch me up to speed, even if it ment helping me cheat on an exam. for three years, i kinda got through with the help of my friends but the whole time i would dragg my feet through the mud because nothing at that school excited me. except art and drama. my art and drama teachers were real strange people, just like me, so i felt like i was normal. i excelled, getting 90's. and then one day our principle called me into the office, i thought i was in trouble. and she asked me why on all my other courses was i getting just barely passing marks 50's and 60's and in these classes i was getting excellent grades, i just remember saying " i feel normal when im in these classes, i feel like a missfit everywhere else" i dont remember much else from that conversation, but the next year kids started having babys and started dropping out or getting kicked out. so i decided to leave, and finish my highschool experiance in a diffrent school. and they had a class called cosmetology and a fire ignighted inside me. that class showed me what i wanted to do with my life, where i belonged. where i could be my self, and express what i was feeling inside. ever since then, ive been inlove with everything and anything thats artistic, music, dance, art, photography, fashion, architecture, makeup, hair, nails.. the list goes on and on. im currently enrolled at george brown college. for makeup, i just started a few weeks ago, but i LOVE it. so watch out world. here i come!