Saturday, October 30, 2010

Double,double toil and trouble!

hey guys!
halloween is tomorrow! its so much fun! today at work i got to see everyone in there halloween costumes! :D it was pretty cool. so i think this is my last halloween manicure before tomorrow night. i think i did pretty well for this years halloween, next year will be MUCH better. hopefully ill have alot more subscribers/followers by then! :) today i did a witch on her broom stick flying past the moon! i thought it was super cute, and i used two polishes i havent used yet! so three birds with one stone! 10 points for me ! woo hoo!

colour: revlon's steel her heart, sally hansesns hard as nails in super frost platinum.
stamp: bundlemonster plate bm13.
stamp colour:  konads special polish in black.

the super frost platinum was a streaky, but i personaly dont mind. i think this mani is so cute! dont mind the weird colour of my hands, greys just do that to me, plust its cold out, so my hands get red. :(

anywho, thats all for now, see you all in a couple of days! i hope all your halloweens are awesome and safe!

polish and love!

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