Wednesday, October 6, 2010


so yesterday i was looking at my nails in class and thinking.. "this mani is sooo boring! " i wanted to do something super fun! so i was talking to my friend, and she had mentioned that teen mom was on tonight, a show which i dont really like but thats not the point. then it came to me! GLEE was on tonight! and its kind of a ritual between my friend and i to watch it together every tuesday. i really like the new advertising for the new season, where they have the kids throwing slushies at the camera, and they are these bright colours, and the back arounds are all bright too. so i pulled inspiration from the slushies and the bright coloured backrounds!

step one. i put down my base coat, then did one coat of OPI's alpine snow just to give the colours that extra oomph!
step two. i did two coats over the white with all the diffrent colours!
index: OPI 's no room for the blues
middle: sally hansen extreme wear in power pink
ring: china glaze's happy go lucky
pinky: sally hansen extreme wear in green with envy
thumb: OPI's big apple red.
step three. i used the diffrent colours to make what i thought looked like slushie splashes. i just put one drop of polish, and then used a tooth pick to drag out the colours and make the dots.
index: china glaze's grape pop.
because i distinctly remember them throwing grape slushies!
step four. then i did the glee letters in black with konad plate m17. i was gonna do them in white like they do on this seasons promotion but i couldnt see it very well over the yellow so i made a sacrifice. and because they sing, i used white with plate m73 on my thumb! how cute right?!
step five. i just finished off with the konad special top coat.

this weeks episode was really deep and kind of sad, but my bright coloured nails got me through! who says a good manicure cant change your mood?! pish posh! its hard not to be happy looking at my nails!

polish and love.

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Karla said...

Hi I too have a nail blog where i post all my nail designs. I really like your Glee Design it's extremely cute and the colors are wonderful!