Friday, February 11, 2011

valentines day look #2

hey guys, this is my second look, a little more girly this time around.

ring finger: wet n wild's wild shine in french white creme.
stamp: BM02
colour: revlon's super top speed chrome in bloom chrome.

the rest of the nails: sally hansen's Xtreme wear in power pink.
colour: konads special polish in white

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

valentines day mani's!

hey guys!

so i know i missed out on the christmas manicures ! :( so ill make it up by trying to post new mani's from now, untill valentines day everyday. again, i said ill try. this weekend is gonna be REALLY busy, so i might have to paint my moms nails to double up to get it all coverd!

with out further adeiu, i present to you my first valentines day mani!

colour:sally hansen's Xtreme wear in carribean coral.
plate: GCOCL; K01
colour: konads special polish in white. 

this is a strange colour to capture, it looks red, but it isnt, but it is at the same time. you just have to own the colour to know what im talking about. :( 

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

im a baaaaad baddd blogger!

hey guys,

i know! im a terrible blogger.
but the sun hasnt been out lately, and that makes the pictures go all wonky, and the colours are off. which means its not accurate. and that makes me upset. but im back again, and promise to give you the best i can possibly give you.

damn you canada for having shitty weather! >:(

anyways, enjoy!

yeah , the colours are washed out, but its better then nothing right?

p.s. my hands look fat! :(

colour: china glaze's peachy keen
konad: m60
special polish: baby blue