Saturday, October 30, 2010

Double,double toil and trouble!

hey guys!
halloween is tomorrow! its so much fun! today at work i got to see everyone in there halloween costumes! :D it was pretty cool. so i think this is my last halloween manicure before tomorrow night. i think i did pretty well for this years halloween, next year will be MUCH better. hopefully ill have alot more subscribers/followers by then! :) today i did a witch on her broom stick flying past the moon! i thought it was super cute, and i used two polishes i havent used yet! so three birds with one stone! 10 points for me ! woo hoo!

colour: revlon's steel her heart, sally hansesns hard as nails in super frost platinum.
stamp: bundlemonster plate bm13.
stamp colour:  konads special polish in black.

the super frost platinum was a streaky, but i personaly dont mind. i think this mani is so cute! dont mind the weird colour of my hands, greys just do that to me, plust its cold out, so my hands get red. :(

anywho, thats all for now, see you all in a couple of days! i hope all your halloweens are awesome and safe!

polish and love!

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

ghastly ectoplasm!

hey guys!

so today i decided to do a more simple manicure for the ones of you who dont have konad or bundle monster plates. the colours i used are easily duped. with out further adeiu!

showing off the glitter!

i did the french tips all free hand with a black silkline striped i have, i think it turned out really cute!

how cool right?!

colour: china glaze's kiwi cool-ada, claries glow in the dark polish. and silkline striper in black.

did anyone else watch last nights rocky horror picture show themed glee? wasnt it ABTASTIC. i loved it. i never knew matthew morrison was packin all that heat under his shirt! i think we should all write into to the producers of glee and petition that everytime hes on screen hes shirtless! <3 *gush* who else agrees?!

polish and love!

Monday, October 25, 2010

black cats!

hey guys!

so i havent posted about in a week. but today is a new day, and a new manicure! so halloween is getting suuuuper close its only a week away! i thought i would try to cover as much of a halloween spectrum as i can seeing as i only have the bundle monster plates. this year im gonna have to get a little creative, but next year ill have the konad ones and ill have more to work with ! So far ive done, spiders, and bats, and now, its CATS!

the kitties got a little smeared :( but im still pretty pleased with the way they turned out. the colour is hard to photograph but its just a basic creamy grey.

colour: love and beauty's light grey. (i bought this at forever 21)
stamp: bundlemonster plate bm04
colour: konads special polish in black.

thats all for now, thanks for visiting :)

polish and love!

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

spirit day and bats!

hey guys!
alright, i know i lied, i said this would be posted in the morning, but i woke up late, and i was running around trying to get ready for school on time. instead ill post it now, while im waiting to go to work! :) ahahaha. so todays a halloween themed manicure. which i started lastnight, but i didnt like the way it looked in the morning so i took it off and started again. i like it alot more now! which brings me to my next point, aparently it was spirit day today where your supposed to wear purple. well im wearing purple, just in a diffrent way, on my nails! :o so with that said, here are my halloween themed nails!

base:  china glazes grape pop.
stamp: bundle monster plate bm13
colour: sally hansens chrome nail makeup in black pearl.

i personaly like the way this turned out, and dont mind the "jewllery" writen on my hand! :) 
hope you enjoyed! 

polish and love!  

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

from the vault: toile

hey guys!
alright, im currently as i type this working on my new mani that will be posted tomorrow morning!! but i feel like i havent posted in a really long time, so im going to just show a vault mani! :) i was waiting for glee to come on, and i was thinking about my next mani, its a halloween themed one! soo excited to show you guys! i hope you love it! but then i thought about halloween, and then about chocolate, and then for some reason, now i want brownies ! anyways, lets get on to the manicure! enjoy!

please ignore the messy cuticules! :( this was before i knew the wonders of a paint brush to get right into the corners! i was still using a q tip. but dont you just love how the silver plays off the matte black so well?

base:  OPI'S black onyx, essie's matte about you top coat.
stamp: konad plate m71
stamp colour: sally hansens  chrome nail makeup in black pearl

polish and love!

Sunday, October 17, 2010

first try at watermarbling !

hey guys!
today, i thought i would try water marbling, i always wanted to learn how, but i was always intimidated :( untill i gathered up the courage to do it, and it went really well, i mean i messed up a few times, i just took it off and started again. but im pretty pleased with how it turned out! enjoy!

it was really hard at first, but then i got the hang of it, and it became more and more easy after that, but its seriously time consuming! i was inspired by thats so fresh's nails, they arent watermarbled, but they are kinda similar, click *here* to see it :) if your curious on how i did this there are a bunch of diffrent watermarbling tutorials on youtube go check them out.
base colours:first i painted all my nails with one coat of OPI's alpine snow which is white. OPI's big apple red, sally hansens extreme wear in mandarin, china glaze in happy go lucky, sallyhansens extreme wear in green with envy, OPI's no room for the blues, china glazes grape pop, and sally hansens extreme wear in power pink.
stamp: bundle monster plate number bm07
colour: konads special polish in white.

hope you all enjoy!

polish and love!

Saturday, October 16, 2010

from the vault: hello kitty!

hey guys!
this summer i was ordering my bundle monster plates, and i was talking to a good friend of mine whom ive known since child hood. either recently when my friends mother got re married, or even before that ( i forget how long ago it was exactly) she went to her native country bolivia, and brought back my friend two fauxnad plates! and she used it on me, but this was way before i was into, or even knew about konad or fauxnad. when i was talking to her about the plates i ordered, and that i wanted the hello kitty plate really really bad, she told me she had it! and i wigged out! so she let me borrow it for a few months :) untill i get my own, which is going to be VERY soon :) mwahahaha! anyways, enough with the story, and more with the pictures eh?! with out further adieu HELLO KITTY! 

base: caboodles - just cause
stamp: konad m75, fauxnad A02
stamp colour: konads special polish in black. 

i just love this design! :) i think its really really cute! :) and really girly, which i can admit, im not all the time.

polish and love!

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

yellow and pink make orange?

lastnight, glee was on, and i was getting tired of my 50's manicure, i get bored of my manicures quickly, especialy if im getting tip wear and chips they ususaly last three days tops. i was digging through my stash, and i seen happy go lucky by china glaze and i knew that was the colour! yellow is also another colour i dont find my self reaching for very often,  i dont know why but i feel it isnt flattering on my skin, so i have to stamp over it with a full nail design if im going to use yellow at all.

base colour: china glaze's happy go lucky.
stamp: bundle monster bm20
colour: konads special polish in pink.

it gives this weird effect of orange, i quite enjoy it. and i hope you do too! :)

polish and love!

Monday, October 11, 2010

very fifties!

i hope everyone had a wonderful thanks giving weekend. i know i did, theres nothing like good food and family! thats what im thankful for! :) anyways, enough of me babling on! i realized i hadnt worn red in a long time, and its one of my favourite colours, epsecialy when it comes in opi's big apple red! i just adore this colour! and i also realized i hadnt used the polka dots from konad on my self yet! and i was very disapointed in my self, and as soon as i started, i immidately thought of like a pinup girl, which reminded me that three halloweens ago, i was a pinup girl! enjoy!

colour: OPI's big apple red
stamp: konad m79
colour: special polish in white.

i really really liked that costume that year! :) but that was way before i even knew what konad was, or that it even existed! ha ha!
to all you out there that arent celebrating thanksgiving this weekend i hope you had a lovely weekend.

polish and love!

Saturday, October 9, 2010

early halloween sneek peek.

hey guys!
today i felt like doing something halloween themed. i LOVE how fun halloween is! and im going to be comming up with a few more halloween themed nails in the next few weeks. so with further adieu, enjoy!

i just LOVE this mani! orange isnt the colour i find my self reaching for very often, but i really like this colour! 
colour:sallyhansens new lengths ceramics in orange pumpkin.
plate: bundle monster bm13.
stamp colour: special polish in black.

polish and love!

Thursday, October 7, 2010

from the vault: zebra stripes!

hey guys, this is an old mani that i did before i made this blog enjoy!

base colour: sally hansens extreme wear in power pink
stamp: m37 zeebra print
stamp colour: special polish in black.
these hands arent mine! theyre my very best friend vanessas nails!

polish and love!

Wednesday, October 6, 2010


so yesterday i was looking at my nails in class and thinking.. "this mani is sooo boring! " i wanted to do something super fun! so i was talking to my friend, and she had mentioned that teen mom was on tonight, a show which i dont really like but thats not the point. then it came to me! GLEE was on tonight! and its kind of a ritual between my friend and i to watch it together every tuesday. i really like the new advertising for the new season, where they have the kids throwing slushies at the camera, and they are these bright colours, and the back arounds are all bright too. so i pulled inspiration from the slushies and the bright coloured backrounds!

step one. i put down my base coat, then did one coat of OPI's alpine snow just to give the colours that extra oomph!
step two. i did two coats over the white with all the diffrent colours!
index: OPI 's no room for the blues
middle: sally hansen extreme wear in power pink
ring: china glaze's happy go lucky
pinky: sally hansen extreme wear in green with envy
thumb: OPI's big apple red.
step three. i used the diffrent colours to make what i thought looked like slushie splashes. i just put one drop of polish, and then used a tooth pick to drag out the colours and make the dots.
index: china glaze's grape pop.
because i distinctly remember them throwing grape slushies!
step four. then i did the glee letters in black with konad plate m17. i was gonna do them in white like they do on this seasons promotion but i couldnt see it very well over the yellow so i made a sacrifice. and because they sing, i used white with plate m73 on my thumb! how cute right?!
step five. i just finished off with the konad special top coat.

this weeks episode was really deep and kind of sad, but my bright coloured nails got me through! who says a good manicure cant change your mood?! pish posh! its hard not to be happy looking at my nails!

polish and love.

Sunday, October 3, 2010

very first blog post ever!

Hi everyone! and welcome to my blogg!! my friends have been telling me to make a blog, and well here it is! i know its nothing special right now but, ill post everything beauty realated! and some things from my life, that will make their way into this blog! :) hope to keep you posted as much as possible! thanks for dropping by!

polish and love!