Saturday, October 16, 2010

from the vault: hello kitty!

hey guys!
this summer i was ordering my bundle monster plates, and i was talking to a good friend of mine whom ive known since child hood. either recently when my friends mother got re married, or even before that ( i forget how long ago it was exactly) she went to her native country bolivia, and brought back my friend two fauxnad plates! and she used it on me, but this was way before i was into, or even knew about konad or fauxnad. when i was talking to her about the plates i ordered, and that i wanted the hello kitty plate really really bad, she told me she had it! and i wigged out! so she let me borrow it for a few months :) untill i get my own, which is going to be VERY soon :) mwahahaha! anyways, enough with the story, and more with the pictures eh?! with out further adieu HELLO KITTY! 

base: caboodles - just cause
stamp: konad m75, fauxnad A02
stamp colour: konads special polish in black. 

i just love this design! :) i think its really really cute! :) and really girly, which i can admit, im not all the time.

polish and love!

1 comment:

heartlee said...

omg!! i love that!! super cute!
if you haven't gotten your HK plate yet, you're going to love this....
I just ordered one myself, so we'll see if it actually comes! I'm excited!!