Wednesday, October 27, 2010

ghastly ectoplasm!

hey guys!

so today i decided to do a more simple manicure for the ones of you who dont have konad or bundle monster plates. the colours i used are easily duped. with out further adeiu!

showing off the glitter!

i did the french tips all free hand with a black silkline striped i have, i think it turned out really cute!

how cool right?!

colour: china glaze's kiwi cool-ada, claries glow in the dark polish. and silkline striper in black.

did anyone else watch last nights rocky horror picture show themed glee? wasnt it ABTASTIC. i loved it. i never knew matthew morrison was packin all that heat under his shirt! i think we should all write into to the producers of glee and petition that everytime hes on screen hes shirtless! <3 *gush* who else agrees?!

polish and love!

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TheLegend said...

Thats wicked! More reasons why Halloween is better then Christmas!