Thursday, November 25, 2010

wow, im a horrible blogger. :|

alright hey guys, this month has been terrible for me! and im sorry, i just need new polishes, and my birthdays right around the corner, so look out! :P untill then ill make due with what i have, and im also nursing a few broken nails back to health before my birthday/christmas. but im totaly excited for december, when i can finaly do all those fun christmas manis! :D i like doing themed manicures, theyre fun! but heres my latest manicure

colour: NYX girl in the taupe.
stamp: bundlemonster plate bm12
colour: konads special polish in white.

hope you guys enjoy!

polish and love! :D 

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

another painted lady fingers give away! :P

hey guys,

painted lady fingers, honestly has the best giveaways EVER!! and this is one give away you should not afford to be missing! shes giving away, in conjunction with OC nail art, 8, yes i said 8 nail plates of YOUR CHOICE! as if it didnt get any better then that! common now! youd be really silly if you missed out on this one! :D

so go here:

those are her 8 picks, what are yours?


polish and love everyone!

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

a new plate!

alright, so i appologize for my absense, but i am back! with a new plate! plate m63 to be exact! ive wanted it for a while now, i really like konads full nail designs, not that i dont like the smaller free floating ones, i just find them harder to place straight, and in the right place, and all that nonsense. but i love all the designs on this plate! im so excited to use the houndstooth design! and i broke my rign finger nail! :( *sadness* but it didnt break below the free edge so that was DEFFINITLY a plus! my nails do that alot, and its really painful, does anyone know how to get that to stop? anyways, ill shut up and let you see the pictures! :P

colour: essies splash of grenadine.
stamp: m63.
colour: konads special polish in white.

my friend lauren, lent me two of her new essie polishes, splash of grenadine and turquoise and caicos, which i didnt get to photograph because my nail broke :( wahhhh! but i love both of those polishes, and it was sad when i had to give them back, but they will be mine rest asured when i can get them for 5 Dollars at school!

anyways, hope you enjoyed.

polish and love!

Saturday, November 13, 2010


hey guys, i appologize for my haiatus as of late, im in college, and im terribly busy with exams and such, that and i ran out of black and white special polishes! but i plan on getting some new ones today! :D so please stay tooned for my designs comming your way!! but i do sincerely appologize for bieng absent! ill be back in no time!

polish and love!

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

gold leopards.

hey everyone.
today is just one of those days where nothing is going right! :( anyways, todays mani is the straight up gold and black leopard print with gold glitter. Its always a crowd pleaser :) ahahah i dont know recently ive really been into the metalic nailpolishes. anywhoot, look at me going on and on.

dont mind the quality of the picture they arent really great, im in a rush this morning.  :( 

colour: cyber colours in gold. ( this is a nailpolish that i got in a shitty christmas gift a few years ago)
stamp: konad plate M37
stamp colour: konads special polish in black.
then i just used a gold glitter liner from colour club on the spots that were closed.

hope you enjoyed!

polish and love!