Wednesday, October 20, 2010

spirit day and bats!

hey guys!
alright, i know i lied, i said this would be posted in the morning, but i woke up late, and i was running around trying to get ready for school on time. instead ill post it now, while im waiting to go to work! :) ahahaha. so todays a halloween themed manicure. which i started lastnight, but i didnt like the way it looked in the morning so i took it off and started again. i like it alot more now! which brings me to my next point, aparently it was spirit day today where your supposed to wear purple. well im wearing purple, just in a diffrent way, on my nails! :o so with that said, here are my halloween themed nails!

base:  china glazes grape pop.
stamp: bundle monster plate bm13
colour: sally hansens chrome nail makeup in black pearl.

i personaly like the way this turned out, and dont mind the "jewllery" writen on my hand! :) 
hope you enjoyed! 

polish and love!  

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