Thursday, November 25, 2010

wow, im a horrible blogger. :|

alright hey guys, this month has been terrible for me! and im sorry, i just need new polishes, and my birthdays right around the corner, so look out! :P untill then ill make due with what i have, and im also nursing a few broken nails back to health before my birthday/christmas. but im totaly excited for december, when i can finaly do all those fun christmas manis! :D i like doing themed manicures, theyre fun! but heres my latest manicure

colour: NYX girl in the taupe.
stamp: bundlemonster plate bm12
colour: konads special polish in white.

hope you guys enjoy!

polish and love! :D 

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Sammersaurus said...

I just tagged you for a blog award. I hope you don't mind me posting it in your comments.

It's the Stylish Blogger Award and you can see the rules here.