Tuesday, November 16, 2010

a new plate!

alright, so i appologize for my absense, but i am back! with a new plate! plate m63 to be exact! ive wanted it for a while now, i really like konads full nail designs, not that i dont like the smaller free floating ones, i just find them harder to place straight, and in the right place, and all that nonsense. but i love all the designs on this plate! im so excited to use the houndstooth design! and i broke my rign finger nail! :( *sadness* but it didnt break below the free edge so that was DEFFINITLY a plus! my nails do that alot, and its really painful, does anyone know how to get that to stop? anyways, ill shut up and let you see the pictures! :P

colour: essies splash of grenadine.
stamp: m63.
colour: konads special polish in white.

my friend lauren, lent me two of her new essie polishes, splash of grenadine and turquoise and caicos, which i didnt get to photograph because my nail broke :( wahhhh! but i love both of those polishes, and it was sad when i had to give them back, but they will be mine rest asured when i can get them for 5 Dollars at school!

anyways, hope you enjoyed.

polish and love!